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Psy 150 Final Exam Study Guide
Chapter 8
What is cognition?
What is the availability heuristic? Confirmation bias? Belief perseverance? Be able to identify examples. What is intelligence?
Be familiar with the distribution of WAIS scores. In what range of scores do the largest percentages fall? What is emotional intelligence?
Chapter 9
What is motivation?
Be familiar with the levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. What is set point?
What are some human genetic predispositions in motivation?
Be familiar with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Which factors have been identified in research to be related to happiness? What impact does forgiveness have on the physical body? Resentment? Chapter 10

What is stress?
What is oxytocin and what is it associated with?
What is the difference between problem vs emotion-focused coping? What is optimism and how does it affect the perception of stress? What are the effects of aerobic exercise?
What effects do anger and depression have on heart disease?
Be familiar with the results of the Friedman and Rosenman study on Type A/Type B men. Chapter 11
What is personality?
What is the unconscious mind?
What are the id, ego and superego? According to what principles do they operate? What is a false consensus effect?
What is reciprocal determinism?
What is the difference in collectivistic vs individualistic cultures? What is a self-serving bias? Be able to identify examples.
Chapter 12
What is the definition of disordered behavior?
What is a medical model for psychological disorders?
What is the biopsychosocial approach?
What are some of the deleterious effects of labels?
What is panic disorder? PTSD? GAD? OCD? DID? Bipolar disorder? Major depressive disorder? Schizophrenia? Antisocial personality disorder? Chapter 13
Compare biomedical, cognitive, behavior, and psychodynamic therapies. What is virtual reality exposure therapy? What type of therapy is it? What is the classification of drugs that block dopamine activity? What is electroconvulsive therapy and what is it used for?

Chapter 14
What is the fundamental attribution error?
What is prejudice? Groupthink? Discrimination?
What is the best way to deal with aggression in children?
What was the main take away from Milgram’s study of obedience? What is the bystander effect?
Summarize the research on social attraction.

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