Draft of New Zealand Marketing Audit

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Taū Ke Solutions Ltd
2, Kereru Drive
Tiri Tiri Matangi Is
Rodney NZ 0930
24 May 2010

Mr Rob Fyfe
Air New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Mr Fyfe,

Regarding to your request of 1 August, I hereby affix our report conducting the marketing audit regarding to implementation of company’s marketing strategies. As been decided on the meeting of the board of directors, we have put under special scrutiny the impact of an external and industrial environment, current trends and an anticipated future opportunities and challenges in the market.

The report provides a research of the customer oriented strategy adopted by ASB Bank Limited and significant impact of an information technology on this strategy.

Our findings reveal that ASB has developed a long lasting strategy with focus on customer satisfaction and designed dedicated information system which serves as a powerful executive tool for the strategy. The system carries on the core business processes, largely supports decision making and allows operational excellence. Despite the research has uncovered a number of complex issues and narrow areas, ASB experience presents a very relevant and positive example to follow up for CBA. The fact that ASB is a subsidiary of CBA gradually facilitates adoption of successful business practices and gives access to the expertise. The crux of the report illuminated the opportunity to fast truck the development of the new strategy to enhance customer’s satisfaction. The report provides a number of considerations for further steps.

I am very thankful and delighted to work with you on this project. I and my colleagues will be happy to discuss any questions may arise on the nearest meeting.
Yours sincerely
Paul Mzhachikh - Managing Partner


Prepared for: MB Naseem Rahman
Submitted: 28 May 2010

Prepared by: Pavel Mzhachikh (Student No: 0061007740)
Dmitry Mochalkin (Student No: 006)

Word Count: words


The objectives of this report are to define and examine prospective ways to set up the new strategy approach directed to better customer satisfaction. Very special attention paid to the role of an information system as a core mean to achieve the goal.

The report is based on findings of the best business practices already presented in relevant industry.

The report identifies Air New Zealand as a long standing industry leader in New Zealand’s market with the highest rank in customer’s satisfaction which is a ...... New Zealand market is considered as a relevant with a comparative environment. The research comes through analysing a current market position of AirNZ and its relevance to market’s expectations. On each stage of the analysis the presence of intensive employment of information technologies is highlighted. AirNZ is shown as an innovative organisation which comes up with pioneering technologies setting up the industry standards.

Strategic analysis goes through examining of market’s environment by the way of evaluating the major competitive forces and their strategic impact. It has been revealed that customers are prevail competitive force and as a response AirNZ has implied a customer oriented marketing strategy.

The research outlines a number of .......................
The report investigates .........................
The report is also addresses very important points ................................. The main recommendations are:

• AirNZ demonstrates a relevant example of

• Products and ......

• More.....



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