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By imalexaagustin Jul 30, 2014 717 Words
Philippines is now facing many problems and one of these are “WASTES”. There are two kinds of wastes the “NON-BIODEGRADABLE”(Di-Nabubulok) and “BIODEGRADABLE” (Nabubulok) but what if it’s mixed with each other? Would there be a new problem or is there people be affected? Or it is harmless to all of us?

Schools are launching programs for segregating biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and it is called the “WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM”. So it only means that segregation is very important! The students, teachers and school personnel health are at risk if wastes are not segregated. Everyone has to imply with the rules of segregation for us to be healthy.

But now let’s differentiate the non-biodegradable and biodegradable wastes. There are many kinds of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes and some of the examples of biodegradable wastes are: left-over, paper, wood ad etc. and the example of non-biodegradable wastes are: styrofoam, plastics, hairstrands and etc.

Then non-biodegradable wastes are the ones who caused the calamities that happen in our society now a day. It takes more than 50 years for them to decompose. It is also the waste that will never break down into part of the earth. Non-biodegradable wastes are the main problem of the society. We humans are the major cause of the non-biodegradable waste everywhere; we create all sorts of plastic bags, glass, styrofoam and etc. even if we know that this waste will not decompose easily. How are we going to lessen the use of this non-biodegradable material? What can we do to help prevent calamities cause by this waste?

Segregation is very important especially when we are talking about waste. We as an ordinary citizen of our country or as an ordinary student can help even in little things that we do. We can prevent the calamities that get many persons life when we imply ourselves in the rules of waste segregation.

We the research students choose to experiment the effect of mixing two kinds of waste. Why do we need to separate biodegradable wastes to non-biodegradable wastes? Why do we need to know the importance of segregation? In this way, we research students can help people who don’t know the importance of this in solving environmental problems. Statement of the Problem:

Since waste is one of the problems in this country, we conducted a research to help people know the importance of segregating waste. 1. In what way can students of SCPS help in lessening waste? 2. Is it possible to recycle mixed biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes? 3. How can we help people know the importance of segregation? Hypotheses:

1. We as student of SCPS can help lessen wastes by knowing the proper segregation and helping minimize the waste in our society. 2. We think that we can recycle mixed biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste because mixed bio and non-biodegradable wastes is a new substance. 3. We as student think that we can help people know the importance of segregation if we do a creative project that explains that segregation is truly that important. Significance of the Study:

The study aims to give information about the importance of segregation inside and outside the campus. This study also has a goal to improve the use of non-biodegradable and biodegradable waste in our daily life. This study also aims to help in recycling the waste around us. This study has a goal to minimize calamities caused by the waste that don’t decompose. The study aims to inform that if we know how to segregate we know how to take care of our environment. This has a goal to tell people to lessen the use of non-biodegradable waste or materials because this is the effect why our environment is polluted. This study aims to give the importance, cause and effect and the meaning of segregation of wastes. Scope and Limitations:

This research is limited only to papers and plastic bottles. The researchers will get papers and plastic bottles in the trashcans they will find in Sta.Clara Parish School. Definition of Terms:
Non-Biodegradable Waste
It is the waste or object that cannot decompose or cannot easily decompose. Biodegradable Waste
It is the waste or object that easily decompose.
It is the process of combining two or more substances to form another substance.

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