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By fshaymardanov Mar 21, 2013 298 Words

Studies have time and again found that homework is a significant contributor to academic achievement…Some o the studies claiming that homework assists are centered on the assumption that we can precisely measure the number and length of assignments…The results of many of the studies suggest that homework can improve students' scores on the class tests…Many claim that homework can aid students to develop good study behavior so they are prepared to grow as their cognitive capacities mature….

It is spot on that the homework can assist students to be familiar with the fact that learning can take place at home as well as at school…Homework can promote independent learning and responsible character qualities as well…More importantly the homework can provide parents a chance to observe what's going on at school and allow them to express positive attitudes toward achievement…Most studies suggest that students who do homework achieve at a superior rate…. However, studies also found that the homework should be matched to the child’s capability to learn…

As a general rule, it is true that teachers should avoid extreme type of homework because the extreme sort of homework can become a burden for the students and also will affect negatively their studies…Too much homework carries diminishing returns…Cooper's examination of dozens of studies found that kids who do some homework in middle and high school score rather better on standardized tests….but doing more than 60 to 90 minutes a night in middle school and more than 2 hours in high school is linked with, knock back, lower scores…..


There is no doubt that homework improves learning…. It is true that homework is an inexpensive technique of improving student academic preparation without adding more staff or amending curriculum….

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