Dracula Fine Arts Critique

Topics: Dracula, Count Dracula, Mina Harker Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Killian Wengler
26 September 2012
Fine Arts Critique
Are you into horror, drama and a good scare? If you answered yes then Dracula at Actors Theatre of Louisville is the play for you. The play was directed by William McNulty. This play was absolutely astonishing and I personally loved every minute of it.

Dracula’s plot consists of a villainous vampire named Count Dracula and several brave men and women working together to try and defeat Dracula. The play is a summary of the events that take place leading up to the slaying of Dracula and also is about the slaying of Dracula.

The play begins with a vampire attacking a young lady in the night and biting her. It then transitions to a man named Jonathan Harker in a room. Harker’s fiance (Mina Murray) is sick with an incurable illness. Harker calls in an expert on supernatural occurrences named Van Helsing. Van Helsing has been studying vampires and looking for cases on it and as soon as he hears of the mysterious illness he almost instantly knows its due to a vampire attack. Before Van Helsing and Harker can really officially meet they are interrupted by an insane man named Renfield. Renfield comes in babbling about ridiculous things and then mentions seeing a creature in the night that was attacking Mina. Van Helsing then shows Renfield some pictures and his hypothesis of a vampire attack occurring is soon confirmed. The events that unfold after this point are very exciting, adventurous and spooky.

The characters all decide to band together and go after Count Dracula to end his reign of terror once and for all. Some characters are lost in this quest. Others are successful in their tasks and survive to tell about the ordeal. If you wan to know what happens to the Count and the characters you’ll just have to go see this phenomenal production.

You will probably admire the acting in this play. You can feel the emotions and fright coming out of the victims. You can also feel the...
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