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East-West conflict and anxiety relating to imperial western power is at the heart of Dracula.  
The main male characters belong to different age groups, education levels and professions. Mr Harker is a solicitor who offers assistance with purchasing properties. Arthur Holmwood later acquires the title Lord Goldaming.  Van Helsing a Dutch physician and Professor is well versed in the supernatural but employs the Scientific method.  Dr. John Seward, a psychiatrist and a head of a private mental asylum.  Quincey Morris is a wealthy American entrepreneur.  These six different characters could be viewed as a composite western hero in the novel.  

The different occupations, background and characteristics allow a large number of male middle class western readers to identify with a particular character and may explain the popularity and endurance of the novel. Furthermore, the use of multiple first-person narrators creates suspense in presenting the attempt to thwart the Eastern invasion.  

Count Dracula, representing primitive superstition, initially succeeds in having a foothold on western home soil, corrupting and polluting the weakest and most vulnerable in society: the mental patient in the asylum and women, Lucy Westenra and later Mina Harker.  

Collectively the western heroes employ enlightened scientific methods to thwart the threat of invasion and pollution coming from the East. They track down all but one of Dracula’s lairs making them uninhabitable for him. When Count Dracula flees, they risk their lives and salvation in following him to his castle in Transylvania. In the end they succeed in destroying him, thus saving Mina and restoring her purity.  

The highly intelligent Eastern Dracula who has the strength of twenty men, the capacity to transform himself to a rat or a bat, the capability to command wolves, weather and mist; never once attempts to or succeeds in harming the composite character.  

The satisfaction of the implied...
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