Dr. Thomas Lecky: A Biography

Topics: Agriculture, Jamaica, Irrigation Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: December 22, 2011
Pedro Otálora
Black History Month Project
Period 5
February 27, 2011
Thomas Lecky
Dr. Thomas Lecky was an agricultural scientist born in Jamaica. He was a pioneer in crossbreeding and greatly influenced Jamaican and tropical farming habits. He achieved many awards and recognitions, most notably the Order of Merit, the highest civilian honor in Jamaica. Thomas Lecky was born in Portland, Jamaica on December 31, 1904. At the time of his birth, Jamaica was a British colony. Furthermore, Jamaica gained independence in 1962, when it also became a Commonwealth Realm. As a Commonwealth Realm, Jamaica has a monarch and is therefore a constitutional monarchy, but since the monarch has relatively no power, Jamaica is a parliamentary democracy. Jamaica is a third-world country with a GDP of US$23 billion dollars. Its economy is a mix of state-run and private enterprises. Additionally, Jamaica's major industries are agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and tourism. Tourism is the main source of income of Jamaicans. Moreover, Jamaica’s economy is mainly fueled by its huge tourism industries that feed off of tourists that visit Jamaica year-round. Lecky was heavily involved in agricultural science throughout his life. Agricultural science is the introduction and improvement of production techniques. This science has gone through many transformations in the last century. These transformations have been fueled by cutting edge innovations such as crossbreeding, genetically modified crops, and other farming techniques. Dr. Lecky was interested in agriculture from a very early age. He grew increasingly concerned with his family’s diet, which he argued was very imbalanced and had a lack of protein. As he got interested in farming and agriculture, he started to see cattle as a healthy and efficient source of meat and milk, two elements very rich in protein. Moreover, he thought that there had to be a balance between livestock and crops in order for the Jamaican population to lead...
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