Dr Saleh Alojairy

Topics: Kuwait, Astronomy, United States Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: February 20, 2011
One of the first generation of the stat of Kuwait, and one of the most famous thinkers and science in history of Kuwait . Who has enriched the scientific library and the Arabien Gulf of many unique scientific advice in the science of astronomy.

Dr saleh Mohammed Alojairy who has exerted tremendous influence, since his early life with his achievement and rewords.

Dr saleh was born in 1921, at his father home in Kuwait City, he was ranked the eldest son of five males and four females, and grew up in a simple environment free of technology. In age fourth he learned reading writing and calculation, his father sent him to the desert as a child to learn horsemanship and bear arms, that was where the story began with astronomy, and the main reason that led him to study astronomy, are natural phenomena that led him to search for the secrets of nature and universe, where he received the first lesson in his life when he was twelve years old.

As soon as Dr Alojairy completed his education and got the academic degree according to his specialty in the astronomy, from Egyptian Astronomical Union in 1952, he started of thinking how to achieve his life dream of establishing the biggest astronomical observetories in the Arabian Gulf, so he went to the United States of America and United Kingdom to buy machinery and equipment with hardwares and tools needed for monitoring the air. His Highness the Amir sheikh Jaber Alahmed Alsabah God bless his soul opened the centers Astronomical Observatory officially in 1986. After that he started publishing his books as:

1- Map of the brightest stars in the sky.

2- Halley’s comet.

3- Monitoring of the planets and stars.

And so many more.

Dr Alojairy awarded by the faculty of science Kuwait University, an honorary doctorate in science for the first time in 1981, he also received a letter of thanks and appreciation from HH prince Read pilot sultan Bin sulaiman Ibn abdul Aziz the first...
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