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Dr. Phil McGraw’s The Ultimate Weight Solution—The Seven Keys to Weight Loss Freedom

“Get real or get real fat.”
“Do you want to keep chasing after, and being seduced by, “miracle” diets, slimming products, and “overnight” weight loss?” “I know that you’re looking for something that melts fat off like the sun melts ice.” These are representative quotes of the Texas born-and-bred “Dr. Phil”, whose homespun platitudes literally roll off his tongue. Dr. Phillip McGraw, Ph.D., is the #1 best-selling author of Life Strategies, Relationship Rescue, and Self Matters. He is the host of the nationally syndicated, daily one-hour series ‘Dr. Phil’. He is a self-proclaimed expert in the field of human functioning, and his 2003 book, The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge is the product of his thirty years of working with overweight patients in a private practice situation.

Dr. Phil’s philosophy is fairly simple and straightforward: “Change can come in either of two important ways: Start behaving positively or stop behaving negatively.” He asks that you quit conning yourself and telling yourself what you so desperately wish were the truth: that there is some hot new diet out there, promising quick and easy results. He claims that we are looking for something that we can take tonight that promises slim tomorrow. But the fruitless search for the easy way out will only bring you frustration, pain, and self-remorse, claims Dr. Phil.

His plan for achieving the “healthy, vibrant, in shape, and fully in charge of yourself and everything you think, do, and feel” you, includes: “The Seven Keys to Permanent Weight Loss”. When unlocked with the right keys, each of these seven doors will lead you closer to personal and permanent control over your weight. His claim is that it is your job to unlock each door, step through it with a commitment to change, and keep moving forward until you’ve walked through all seven. If you fail to unlock any door and step through it, you’ll roll right back to where you started.

In order to fully understand Dr. Phil’s weight loss philosophy, I will briefly outline his seven keys: KEY #1: RIGHT THINKING
Where you are with your weight challenges, everything you are, everything you do, begins with and is based on what Dr. Phil calls your personal truth. He claims that this is whatever it is about yourself and your weight problem that you have come to believe. This is the essence of his plan because he believes if the truth is real to you, then it is the precise reality in which you will live your life—Self-Control. This is incorporated into our deepest understanding of whom you are and what you think you can accomplish. KEY #2: HEALING FEELINGS

It is no significant news flash that many people eat as a way to medicate themselves, typically in response to negative emotions such as anger, guilt, loneliness, stress, or boredom. We may also eat in response to positive emotions, such as, happiness and joy and in a celebratory vein. Emotional eating figures significantly in most people’s weight problems. Dr. Phil purports that although we can’t eliminate emotional triggers and stress in our lives, we can learn how to heal our counterproductive responses to life’s challenges, which he calls Emotional Control. KEY #3: MASTERY OVER FOOD AND IMPULSE EATING

The third key provides you with the ability to shape, design, and manage your environment so that it is virtually impossible for you to fail at weight control—External Control. Dr. Phil asks you to concentrate on the “personal landscape” of your life that includes ridding your home, office and all external areas of unhealthy foods so as to minimize opportunities that invite needless snacking, overeating, and bingeing. He calls it “re-engineering your environment for success”. KEY #4: MASTERY OVER FOOD AND IMPULSE EATING

In order to achieve permanent weight loss and control, it is essential to...
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