Dr. Martin Luther King's Influence On Black Culture

Topics: African American, Black people, Race Pages: 4 (939 words) Published: September 29, 2015

There’s no denying that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a profound influence on black culture. Although his life was sadly cut short, decade’s later America still celebrates him every year and his teachings live on through the lesson plans now built into our educational systems. However, black culture as we see it today was built on the ideals, perspectives, and minds of a multitude of different leaders. Take for instance, James Brown, the founding father of funk and one of the greatest civil rights activists Marcom X. While music and activism is on two very different sides of the spectrum, both of these individuals have contributed immensely to the history and values of black culture. Regardless of whether it’s dancing across a stage or assertively standing on a stage, it was a platform that brought change to the lives of African Americans. However what’s debatable is whose voice and actions were more influential. While both James Brown and Malcom X have contributed to black culture, I believe James Brown and his musical talents had a greater influence.
By looking at the early lives of these two individuals, one can start to see similarities and uncover the...

The Godfather of Soul stormed through the songs they loved best in the Garden and at home on TV, while the streets of Boston remained empty and silent, as every other ghetto in America burned.”1
The strong power that James Brown had over his community was apparent that night. He proved his ability to use his music to bring black culture joy and pride, but perhaps more importantly ease his communities’ pain.
Both Malcom X and James Brown overcame great obstacles in their paths to success. Even though they had different careers and messages they were each able to touch the lives of many African Americans. However, I believe that James Browns positive nature and unique musical talent was ultimately more influential on black...
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