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2013학년도 중등교사신규임용후보자선정경쟁시험

1차 시험 2 교시 (전공)
◦ 문제지 전체 면수가 맞는지 확인하시오. ◦ 문항의 배점이 1.5점과 2.5점인 문항에는 배점이 표시되어 있습니다. 나머지 문항은 2점입니다. ◦ 각 문항의 정답을 컴퓨터용 흑색 사인펜을 사용하여 답안지에 표시 하시오.

40문항 80점 시험시간 120 분
【5~6】Listen to the dialog and answer questions 5 and 6.

5. Which of the following is most likely the topic of this podcast? ① changes in attitudes toward teaching methods ② different ways to define future pedagogy ③ standards for teachers to adhere to in classrooms ④ approaches to maintaining educational environments ⑤ shifts in notions regarding the use of in-class materials

1번부터 8번 문항까지는 듣고 답하는 문제입니다. 내용은 한 번만 들려줍니다. 5번과 6번 문항은 동일한 대화를 듣고 답하는 문제입니다.

【1~4】Listen to the dialogs and answer the questions.

6. Which of the following would the man most likely agree
① A method can work if applied by an experienced teacher. ② Combining teaching methods is more prevalent these days. ③ Teachers today should return to the teaching styles of 20

1. Which of the following best describes the woman?
① She is applying for a position as a manager. ② She has worked in the business field for 16 years. ③ She owns a number of start-up companies. ④ She heard about the company from her co-workers. ⑤ At present, the woman’s home is in London.

years ago.
④ Presenting lessons with varying methods can be confusing

for students.

2. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as what needs to
be done? [1.5점]
① constructing a questionnaire ② observing the professor’s class ③ conducting a survey ④ asking friends for help ⑤ building a Power Point for a presentation

⑤ Students learn best when they are grouped according to

their abilities.

【7~8】Listen to the talks and answer the questions.

7. What is the main idea of the talk? [2.5점]
① Innovations are indebted to previous achievements. ② Masterpieces are unique in and of themselves. ③ Science and technology are, in essence, artistic. ④ Connections cannot be drawn between art and invention. ⑤ Lessons can be learned from past mistakes.

3. Which of the following is most likely to be inferred from the dialog?
① The woman has been to the lecturer’s talks many times before. ② The man feels the lecturer uses imperfect quotes and

anecdotes. ③ The man and the woman’s favorite part of the talk discouraged the use of comic books. ④ The man thinks classical literature shouldn’t be taught in class. ⑤ The woman previously had a narrow scope of appropriate reading materials.

8. Which of the following is NOT true about Roone Arledge?
① He started to work for ABC as an assistant producer. ② He contributed to the sports broadcasting industry. ③ He tried to make TV viewers feel like they were at the

④ He experimented with new technologies for broadcasting. ⑤ He thought that athletes’ stories would turn viewers away.

4. Which of the following is NOT true about the speakers?
① The woman is reading the book for the first time. ② The man was once on a large boat with his family. ③ The woman heard Richard Dawkins on the radio. ④ The man and the woman are interested in science. ⑤ The woman is going to lend the book to the man.

이제 듣기 평가 문제가 끝났습니다. 9번 문항부터는 문제지의 지시에 따라 답을 하기 바랍니다.

영 어 (15면 중

1 면)

9. Which of the following would best fit in the blanks?
Christopher Austin inched forward on his hands and knees with only a headlamp to light his way. The herpetologist and his assistant were searching Papua New Guinea’s damp forest floor for the source of a (A) mating call coming from the ground foliage. They assumed an insect was projecting the high-pitched chirp, but there was no bug to be found. So the two bagged up some leaves and brought them back to camp. There, they searched each leaf, one by one, until they found the surprising (B) : not insects but tiny frogs with skin the color of earth, one-third of an inch long. Austin later reported that his find was a new species, Paedophryne amauensis, the smallest known vertebrate in the world, measuring a...
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