Dr. Jose Rizal

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Biography of Dr. Jose Rizal

Jose Rizal’s full name is Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Merchado Y Alonzo. He is the 7th out of 11 children he is born in June 19 1861 His birth place was calamba, laguna his nationality is Filipino he has 10 or more languages known his contributions are El Filibustirismo , Noli Metangere and the last that he wrote is Mi Ultimo Adios he is the founder of Laliga Filipina and the their news paper la solidaridad he did because of faithfully defending for our nation.

Why Dr. Jose Rizal became our National Hero?

Dr. Jose P. Rizal became our national Hero because he was able to defend and fought the Spaniards for our country through his books like NOLI ME TANGERE (March, 1877), EL FILIBUSTERISMO (Sept. 18, 1891) AND MI ULTIMO ADIOS (1986)

Why we study Rizal?

As a Filipino we need to study the life of Rizal not just because he is our National Hero but because his life has great things to share to each and everyone. And as a student who took up the course of Education, studying Rizal will help us to teach our future students who will need the same knowledge and learning that we are looking forward today.

How many bachelor courses or degrees of Rizal finish before he become national heroes?

Dr. Jose Rizal was able to study 5 bachelor courses in his college life, namely

1. Bachelor of Arts-Ateneo Municipal de Manila (1877

2. Bachelor of Philosophy in Letters- University of Santo Tomas

Difference of Noli metangere and El Filibusterismo

1. rizal dedicated noli to the philippines while el fili was dedicated to the GOMBURZA. 2. noli is a novel about society. it discusses the different diseases that the philippines experienced during the spanish era like colonial mentality and the unjust treatment of friars to the indios. el fili is a political novel which discusses the reign of the greed.

Noli Me Tangere

• Influenced by Eugene Sue’s The...
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