Dr.Faustus as a Tragedy Relevant to All Times

Topics: Tragedy, Christopher Marlowe, Good and evil Pages: 3 (1186 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Discuss Dr.Faustus as a tragedy relevant to all times.

The word tragedy finds its origin in Greek spirit,theory and mythology in the word tragedia. Tragedy tends to bring to mind the thoughts of pity and sympathy. According to Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher emotions of pity and fear are aroused while watching or listening to a tragedy. Tragedy is a play that represents a central action or plot that is serious and significant. These plays involve a main character that is a normal human being with his share of good and bad characteristics. The protagonist is socially active, intelligent and a learned man. A tragic play entails both verbal and dramatic irony. Dr. Faustus was perhaps the most well written tragedy of its times and happens to remain so till date. Christopher Marlowe is the founder and the originator of the mature English tragedy. Written in 1586, Dr. Faustus is a part of the age that was famous unprecedented literary activity in England, especially drama. Insofar as the significance of the formulation of tragedy by Aristotle is unparalleled, the Elizabethan’s quest for prosperity both personal and national and spiritual and moral growth remains the major reason for the rise in tragic drama. In addition to this the Renaissance brought with it a keen awareness of infinite capabilities and aspirations all of which remain unchanged even today. Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus is on similar lines. Its art of tragedy is instrumental in comprehending the complex nature, mind and life of a man in those times. For Marlowe or his successors tragedy was not a restriction of man’s ability to excel, rather it was in view of the glory it brought to in the man’s pursuit of his dreams, even though failure was inescapable.

Dr. Faustus is not about the usual romantic-love tragedy but only about Faustus who was born to humble parents. Yet his story is worth telling because of his capabilities, his beyond excellence academia which led him to be awarded a doctorate and...
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