Dr. Faustus and Wallstreet

Topics: Protagonist, Sin, Oliver Stone Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: July 25, 2010
Wall Street vs. Doctor Faustus

The movie Wall Street, directed by Oliver Stone has many parallels with the play Doctor Faustus, written by Christopher Marlowe. Both are stories of men who dare to push the boundaries of right and wrong to get what they desire. Both main characters “join the dark side” to get the things they desire most. The main characters are tempted by the devil, literally for Faustus and figuratively for Bud Fox, and they each give into temptation even though they know the consequences. Unfortunately Doctor Faustus and Bud Fox cannot escape the consequences of their actions. In Doctor Faustus the main character, Doctor Faustus, is a scholar whose knowledge has far surpassed the knowledge of other scholars, not to mention other men. He has learned all there is to learn, but he seeks so much more. Faustus decides to push the limits of man set down by God. He wants to surpass his place as a human and ascend to the level of a deity by learning magic. Faustus is well aware that learning black magic will cost him his soul, and a place in heaven, however the idea of magic is tempting, and Faustus ignore the consequences. Bud Fox, the main character of Wall Street, is a broker, who dreams of becoming a rich and powerful business man, buying the stocks instead of selling them; “You know what my dream is? It’s to one day be on the other end of that phone.” Bud Fox wants to be the one making millions, he wants the brokers to be calling him and trying to get him as a client. When Bud finally meets Gordon Gekko after two months of trying to get him as a client, Bud wants nothing more, than to be like him. Like Mephostophilis is to Faustus, Gekko is temptation for Bud. And like Faustus, Bud sells his soul in a deal to the devil to get what he wants. In Doctor Faustus, Faustus literally sells his soul to the devil; in return Mephostophilis (a servant of Lucifer) becomes Faustus’ slave so that Faustus can perform whatever magic he wishes and...
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