DR Economic Culture And Refs

Topics: Culture, Bank, Dominican Republic Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: June 30, 2015
Submit a presentation describing your analysis of the business conditions in the country that you selected for your final project. This should include an assessment of both the current general economic and business conditions of this country.

Your presentation for Milestone Two should include the following information:

1. Find cultural aspects for each of the following and discuss how these affect business conditions in the specific country: 1.1.1. High Culture – Literature and classical music
1.1.2. Folk Culture – Religion, popular music, diet, dress, and holidays 1.1.3. Social Culture – Gender roles, greeting rituals, power distance, nonverbal communication, individualism vs. collectivism, and uncertainty avoidance

2. Describe the country’s infrastructure in general and discuss how this affects business conditions in the specific country, including: 2.1.1. Financial Infrastructure – What currency is in use in this country? What is its current exchange rate to USD? How is the exchange rate determined? Is there a central bank, commercial banks, national stock exchanges, and bond markets? Does the country have any loans from World Bank? 2.1.2. Financial/Legal Environment for Business – What are the laws for banking for a foreign corporation to own a business? Are they required to enter in a joint venture with a domestic company? Is it possible for a foreign company to borrow money from local banks? 2.1.3. Physical Infrastructure – Briefly describe access by road, rail, waterways; stability of power supply; and communication (cellular and internet coverage)

Requirements of submission: The presentation must follow these formatting guidelines: Use one of the following presentation formats PowerPoint (PPT), Prezi, Pixxa Perspective, or Haiku Deck. Use discipline-appropriate citations for all information, including pictures. Presentation length requirements: 5–8 slides.

"Dominican Republic: Introduction." GlobalEDGE: Your Source for...

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