Topics: Suicide, Euthanasia, Right to die Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: August 19, 2015
Cami Bailey

I. In the 1950’s Jack Kevorkian became fascinated by death, and the process of dying.
A. He started visiting terminally ill patients.
B. He took taking pictures of their eyes and certain aspects trying to pinpoint the exact moment of death.
C. He was nicknamed "Dr.Death" because of his obesseion of death.
D. "My specialty is death," Dr. Jack Kevorkian once told TIME. II. He argued that Western society seems to treat family pets better than humans when it comes to end of life care.
A. Kevorkian stated “The American Medical Association says the humane way is to let people starve and thirst to death. If you did that to an animal, you’d be put in jail immediately, in the face of such insanity masquerading as authority, who wouldn’t be strident?”(“Dr. Kevorkian: Assisted Suicide, The Leagal and Moral Debate” International Bussiness Times.) III. In 1986 he discovered that doctors in the Netherlands were helping people die by lethal injection.

A. Him being a pathologist came up with a suicide machine called "Thanatron" which meant “instrument of death” in Greek.
B. He created this concoction out of forty-five dollars’ worth of materials.
C. Thanatron consisted of three bottles that delivered just the right doses of fluids, first a saline solution, then a painkiller and, finally, a fatal dose of the poison potassium chloride.
D. With this, patients could even deliver it to themselves. (“Kevorkian, Jack” West’s Encyclopedia of American Law 2005) III. In 1990, he helped with the suicide of Janet Adkins, a 45-year-old Alzheimer's patient from Michigan.

A. After she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she began looking for someone to help end her life before the terrible disease took full effect
B.She had heard through the media about Kevorkian's invention of a "suicide machine," and contacted Kevorkian about using the invention on her.
C. After injecting the poison, she was dead within five minutes.
D. The State...
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