Dr. Clare Grave's Value Systems Theory Summary

Pages: 4 (880 words) Published: December 4, 2016

I. Description of the background of Dr. Clare Grave’s Value Systems Theory

Individuals think in various ways. A sibling and sister, a couple, administrator and representative, even organization and client company may have altogether different world perspectives and qualities. Individuals in bordering work areas or families living ideal adjacent to each different once in a while don't appear to occupy a similar neighborhood. Partners in an association have far-reaching thoughts regarding vision, mission, and reason. Nations sharing one planet regularly appear to be in entirely unexpected universes with their arrangements. Why?

Here is the key thought. Distinctive social orders, societies and subcultures, and additionally whole countries...

Dr. Grave called it the new, repetitive, twofold spiral hypothesis of grown-up bio psychosocial frameworks advancement (Graves, 1970). The hypothesis and models are drawn from its expansion of distinctive methods for considering, in this manner acting, that are consistent with moving perspectives of presence and which individuals working at those diverse levels value properly. He believed that every value system streams from the past one as a reaction to complex life conditions and to the issues with the past arrangement of...

However, both sorts of contrasts emerge among the systems. It depicts breadth in speculation and conceptualization, not the value or tolerability of the individual. Individuals don't improve as they travel through the levels; however, they do widen their points of view and increment their choices to act fittingly in a given circumstance. They don't really accomplish higher planes of cognizance in the neo-profound, otherworldly sense, however, they do get to be distinctly aware of more perplexing elements in more expounded ways. Also, they may well come to consider awareness in new and diverse ways. So the explanations behind acting specifically route change, as do the practices. However, the greater part of this doesn't really make a man more joyful or sadder, shrewder or more absurd, kinder or harder, better balanced or more unwell; it just builds their degrees of behavioral flexibility and opens an alternate perception of what consciousness is...
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