Dr. Becket's Case Assignment

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Dr. Becket’s Case Assignment
By Jabu 96490404

Which of the seven elements of the services marketing mix are addressed in this case? Give examples of each “P” you identify. People An essential ingredient to any service provision is the use of appropriate staff and people. Recruiting the right staff and training them appropriately in the delivery of their service is essential if the organization wants to obtain a form of competitive advantage. Consumers make judgments and deliver perceptions of the service based on the employees they interact with. Staff should have the appropriate interpersonal skills, attitude, and service knowledge to provide the service that consumers are paying for. Dr. Beckett has ensured this by building not just employer-employee ties with her staff but also friendship bonds. She sees to it that her staffs are well taken care of so they in return will take care of her clients Process Refers to the systems used to assist the organization in delivering the service. What was the process that allowed you to obtain an efficient service delivery? Classical music playing in the background, educational VCRs are all part of the deliver process that ensure that Dr. Beckets service stands out from the competition. Physical Evidence Where is the service being delivered? Physical Evidence is the element of the service mix which allows the consumer again to make judgments on the organization. Physical evidence is an essential ingredient of the service mix, consumers will make perceptions based on their sight of the service provision which will have an impact on the organizations perceptual plan of the service. Clearly Dr. Beckett has spent time and money to ensure that the physical aspect of her service is both appealing and functional. The place is filled with soft leather seats. Live plants and flowers in a light filled room enhance the pleasantness of the environment.

Why do people dislike going to the dentist? Do you feel Dr. Becket has...
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