Topics: Customer service, Customer, Sales Pages: 4 (690 words) Published: April 12, 2015
February 3, 2015
Loray Olan
Mr. Gentile
BUS 303
Dr. Jane.com-Custom Vitamins
Section I – Problem Identification
Dr. Jane has to figure out how to handle a customer complaint letter received from a customer. Maxine Slezak, a longtime fan and faithful customer, wrote a letter to Dr. Jane explaining that she is having problems with the website as well as the websites’ customer service. Ms. Slezak had been receiving vitamins that she did not place an order for. In an attempt to retain customers Dr. Jane’s website had started a new system that gave the customers an opportunity to opt out of receiving vitamins automatically. Ms. Slezak had not seen this feature on the website and did not opt out of the service. Upset with the situation, Ms. Slezak asked to receive a formal apology and a free ninety-day supply of the product. Prince Zimbalist, Director of Customer Service who spoke to Maxine Slezak has recommended that they not comply with the request for the free 90 day supply. Dr. Jane is now forced to make a decision on how to handle the situation competitive market, which means that Ms. Slezak will have the opportunity to purchase from other suppliers. Section II – Recommendation (s)

My recommendation would be to comply with Ms. Slezak’s request of a free 90 day supply of vitamins and extend an apology. I would also recommend that she provide Customer Service training for Prince Zimbalist, who has no sense of what needs to be done to rectify this problem and compromise /satisfy his customers. With this extremely difficult decision to make, Dr. Janet has the social responsibility to make an ethical decision. A company should aim all of its efforts in order to satisfy the customer. Section III – Evidence to support your recommendation (s)

Ms. Slezak’s demands must be met in order to keep her business. There is almost never a situation where it is best to lose a customers’ loyalty. Losing Ms. Slezak’s business would not only mean the lost revenue from her...
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