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Communication Channel Scenarios
Scenario #1 – Marketing Manager for a new beverage

My communication channel of choice for this scenario is oral communication. This is the best communication channel for this scenario, because it will allow me to convey the project details and expectations to my team quickly. In addition, I will gain the opportunity to answer concerns related to the project details in minimal time. As for upper communication flow to the Vice President of Operations, I will use written communication to channel the team’s strategy. Written communication will give upper management the opportunity to analyze and respond to the strategy's specifics.

Scenario #2 – The Manager of a large travel agency

The best communication channel for this scenario is oral communication by (Phone); because all company associates use the computer application it is critical for IT to understand the problem, so that they can implement a countermeasure quickly. As for downward communication to my associates, I plan to use written communication by (Email). This will give me the opportunity to reach the whole team at onetime and for each associate to have a verifiable document of the new login name and password.

Scenario #3 – Owner of a small editing company

Written communication in the form of a (Letter) would be my choice of communication channel for this scenario. This allows associates to receive the workforce reduction information privately, so that they can start to prepare for the changes to come. The communication channel that I will use to tell the associates affected is oral communication (Face-to-Face), because bad information is nothing that you want to here about and the associates will want a personal explanation.

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