Dq's Dual Court System

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What is the dual court system? What is the reasoning behind having a dual court system in the United States? What would happen if there was not a dual court system in the United States? A duel court system is when a country has two separate court systems. Dual court system consist of State courts and Federal courts, the federal court system hears cases involving federal matters. There are 50 state court systems, which hear cases that deal with state issues. America has a duel court system because there is a need for individual states to retain significant legislative authority and judicial autonomy separate from federal court. If the United States did not have a dual court system one court would have to handle all cases. For example federal judges would have to hear simple traffic cases. ·

What is an example of a historic development in the U.S. court system? How does the historical development of the U.S. court system impact the courts today? What would happen if the U.S. courts reflected those of another country (e.g., England)? Explain. Each of the original American colonies had its own court system for resolving disputes. Whereas State courts evolved from early colonial arrangements, federal courts where created by the United States constitution (Schmalleger, F 2009). Duel court system has been impacted by its history because the concept of two court systems still remains. There have been changes to the individual courts to make them run smoother like the three tier uniform model adopted by the state courts. If the United States of America adapted a different court system it would either have one individual court to handle all cases or like England have numerous courts to hear certain cases.
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