Dowry System in India

Topics: Marriage, Bride burning, Arranged marriage Pages: 12 (2080 words) Published: February 26, 2013
People in India give much preference to family relationships and most of them follow

arranged marriage system .According to this system there is no possibility for separation and

marriage is forever. As divorce is not acknowledged amongst most Indians it is vital that the

marriage choice is wisely thought and carefully planned and is one of the significant choices

a person will ever take. Usually the parents and family members look for certain attributes in

spouse. The marriage partner is selected from their own religion, caste and to their matching

social or economic status. The two families after marriage come into a common relationship

and try to work out the marriage if any problem arises among the couple.

Initially in the marriage process both the families exchange the pictures of bride and groom

along with their bio-data. If the family doesn’t find appropriate spouse for their children they

take help of marriage brokers or matrimonial classifieds in newspapers by providing them the

necessary information. Preparations will be made to meet bride and groom along with their

families if everything meets with an agreement. In a traditional way the bride and groom are

not allowed to see each other till their wedding day but now-a-days they are catching up and

getting to know each other before their wedding. If either one of them thinks that they are

not compatible with each other the marriage gets cancelled. After marriage the bride is

supposed to leave their parent’s house and live with their in-laws.

In this modern society with IT revolution, globalisation of economy, urbanisation and

liberalization there are few places in India where people didn’t change and doesn’t want to

adapt any change. The time has neither changed them nor moved them forward and they

want to lead and carry on their lives as their parents and grandparents did. Surprisingly, there

are still child marriages and forced arranged marriages. In child marriages, children who

don’t even know about marriage and even before their puberty, at an early stage are given in

marriage. The main intention of child marriage is to avoid the children when they become

adults from searching by themselves someone from lower class or lower caste for marriage.

It meant to control their children from getting married outside their religion and social status.

These child marriages are still taking part in rural places. This arranged marriage system is

purely based on caste and has developed to encourage classism and racial discrimination.

India is respected and appreciated all over the world for its mythological culture and it is the

land of gods. The deep faith in god, the religious environment and the mythological thinking

has made Indians well cultured. Unfortunately dowry is one of the stained systems in our

country which is like a dark spot in our image and is one of the biggest threats of the society.

Though the role of women in all paces of life is increasing in this contemporary society the

value of dowry is growing day by day in India and the dowry practice is becoming extensive.

Every citizen in this modern culture criticizes this system and yet it still expands at a very

large scale which indicates how deeply this dowry system is rooted in the society. The bride

will be treated by the in-laws harshly and in most cases will be burnt to death if the bride’s

family is unsuccessful in paying the dowry amount demanded by the groom’s family.

Dowry has become one of the most important evils and is commonly practised all over the

country. Dowry is paid to groom’s family from bride’s family at the time of marriage in the

form of cash or property. In the beginning, the purpose of the dowry is to support the groom

financially for the formation of new household. The parents of the bride also help her to settle

down in the new house with furniture,...
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