Dowry an Evil for Socitety

Topics: Marriage, Dowry law in India, Family Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: October 17, 2012
DOWRY or DAHEJ is payment or agreement to pay any property or valuable security or cash by the bride’s family to the bridegroom’s family along with the giving away of bride (called Kanyadan) .In our society it is generally given by the girl’s family to the boy’s family but in hilly areas it is opposite. SOCIAL EVIL

A Social evil is any action or consequence that causes pain and suffering to a person or many members of a society. These are the anti-social works done against the development and the prosperity of the society. It causes damages to the people in emotional, cultural and social form. DOWRY: A SOCIAL EVIL

Dowry is a widespreadevil which is assuming menacing proportions. It is prevalent in all parts and almost all societies of India. It has deeply entrenched in our society and it is impossible to think of a marriage without dowry. Usually the bride and her family face endless challenges and the lives of many are ruined. Today, marriage has become a business transaction more than a meritorious act.

Earlier presents were given to the bride as well bridegroom out of love. It was given voluntarily and there was no compulsion exercised. It was also given to assist the newly-wedded couple to set up and establishment of their own without much difficulty and to provide financial security in the adverse circumstances. But with the passage of time, these customs instead of proving help to the couple has virtually corrupted the institution of marriage itself. Now it has taken the frightening name of dowry and bridegrooms engage in unfair means such as force and coercion for obtaining the dowry. Even education has failed to suppress and curb this social evil of dowry; rather it has increased its practice. The modern educated classes are demanding such a heavy dowry that it has become impossible for parents to give their daughters in marriage. They want to recover every penny spent on their...
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