Downside of Globalisation in Education

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My Speech Text for Downside of Globalisation in Education

Assalamualaikum warahmatulla hi wabarakatuh and a very pleasant morning I wish to all of you- undeniably patient ladies and gentlemen especially Mr. Zahar Ibrahim. Respected audience, I humbly hope that you will lend me your ears. Thank you

To begin with, under the theme of impact of globalisation in education, my speech title would be the downside of globalisation in education- focusing on the concerning issues rose once education is marketed to a global level.

Knowledgeable listeners
‘Globalisation’ means to reach to worldwide scale and ‘downside’ is a synonym to ‘negative side’.

Quoting a phrase from Professor Abdelhadi Boutaleb, Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation of Morocco, “....Globalisation cannot conquer the impenetrable fortresses of these identities (esp culture) and specificities through mere adventurous and non-pondered practices- meaning to say, globalisation is such a high scale that carrying out mere practices only would not be able to reach it and this affects education too- our FUNDAMENTAL NEED. But, what are the downsides when education is marketed to a global level? Let’s surf together ____________________________________________________________

Knowledgeable listeners
Education is OUR fundamental need that the corporate companies see P.R.O.F.I.T in it- money. So my first point would be the corporate takeover of education. The products are already there (esp gadgets, books, magazines, tv channels, even films) but where is the market? The stalls?- Surely, education institutes.

Each institute must have its own administrators. These corporate companies go straight to them to sell their products- schools need to have television, so do other learning institutes..computers? undeniably important- for live chat between students and lecturers, emailing assignments and all that. But, let me focus on one example...
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