Downfall of Macbeth

Topics: Macbeth, Duncan I of Scotland, King Duncan Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: July 31, 2013
William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth show three main forces that create the eponym’s downfall. These are the role of the supernatural, the struggle between good and evil and Macbeth's ambition guilt and fear. These all combine to create the massive downfall of power that Macbeth experiences during the play.

The role of the supernatural has a key part in the creation of the downfall of Macbeth's power. This is brought on by many factors associated with the supernatural. The witches are a central part in the supernatural theme. The storms that are associated with the witches whenever they come on stage reflect a violation of the natural order of witch the weather is meant to be. The worst of these storms happens on the night of Duncan’s murder. They also summon the apparitions that give the predictions to Macbeth that lead to his downfall. The siliquy of the dagger shows that Macbeth was completely obsessed with the thoughts of the murder. This would also be a warning sign to the audience that Macbeth was morally unfit to undertake the murder. Banquo’s ghost also portrays this sense of unfitness towards Macbeth’s conscience. Macbeth would be experiencing an unstable mind state due to the fact of the supernatural controlling his life. This would have in turn lead to Macbeth's downfall.

The struggle between good and evil created havoc for Macbeth’s life and therefore contributed to his downfall. The good side is portrayed in Macbeth through noble Banquo and the rightful king Duncan. Macbeth juxtaposes these characters during his downfall. On the contrary there is the evil side of the play. This is portrayed through the witches and their many spells. The most important of these are the apparitions that they use to show Macbeth his future. These are very vague and only tell of the good to come but not of the evil. These trick Macbeth into thinking that everything will be all right. This later contributed to Macbeth’s downfall. Lady Macbeth also portrays evil...
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