Down a Dark Hall

Topics: Piano, English-language films, Baby Ruth Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: September 12, 2011
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Exposition-Kit Gordy, a teenaged girl, is accepted into Blackwood boarding school for girls. The school is miles away from the closest town and is located in a village called Blackwood. When she sees the restored ancient building, Kit senses something evil about the old mansion. In the following days, three other students arrive; Lynda Hannah, her best friend Ruth, and Sandy. Conflict-The conflict in the book “Down a Dark Hall” is that the four students want to live their own lives while Madame Duret has plans to get more artistic masterpieces from them. Rising Action-Each new student held some talent in addition to their imaginations. Lynda Hannah became into the next Van Gogh, Ruth can perform and solve complicated math problems, and Sandy writes detailed poetry, this being odd because none of them had been able to do these things before. Kit discovers her inner specialty as well, composing wonderful piano music. Ruth had identified this as "ESP" or extra-sensory perception, and is excited, but Kit is further disturbed, especially after waking up to playing the piano with Jules recording it, confirming her earlier suspicions of hearing music she recognized from somewhere else. After investigating, Kit learns that past students at Blackwood were famous artists who died young and continued their contributions of creativity by using the current students as puppets. Kit asks Natalie, the maid, who had tried to help but was subsequently let go by the seemingly nice instructor, taking a letter from Kit to Tracy. Of the twenty former students, three committed suicide, one fell from the third floor of a building (considered an accident), and the other sixteen students were put in insane asylums. Climax-The climax is when Jules, who was formerly supportive of his mother, Madame Duret, is appalled by her actions and tries to help the girls leave while they still can. Falling Action-Kit thinks of a plan for escape, after seeing some of Lynda's paintings. In...
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