down syndrome

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Down Syndrome

Learning Disability- a childhood disorder characterized by a difficulty with certain skills. Difficulty in such skills as reading or writing in individuals with normal intelligence. Learning disabilities affect the ability to interpret what one sees and hears or the ability to link information from different areas of the brain. These limitations can show up in multiple different ways. These disabilities extend to schoolwork and can delay learning to read or write.

Birth Defect- a birth defect can be any defect present in a baby at birth. The defect is caused by a genetic factor or by prenatal events that occurred. Birth defects may involve a wide stretch of organs in the body such as the brain, heart, lungs, liver, bones, and intestinal tract. Birth defects can occur for many reasons included inherited conditions, toxic exposure, and birth injury or even for unknown reasons.

Down syndrome is a set of physical and mental traits caused by a gene defect. It is also called Trisomy 21. Though Down syndrome cannot be prevented, it can be detected before the child is born. People with Down syndrome have an intellectual disability that is mild to moderate. The physical features and medical problems tied into with Down syndrome vary widely from child to child. This defect is a life long condition that has to be lived with. Down syndrome is the most common causes of human birth defects. If the person with Down syndrome is cared for and supported correctly they can grow up to be healthy, happy and live productive lives.

Down Syndrome is the name for babies born with a disorder related to their chromosomes. Down Syndrome is caused when meiosis occurs and an error occurs in the cells development. Normally each baby is born with 46 chromosomes, but babies that have Down syndrome are born with 47 chromosomes. Having that extra or abnormal chromosome changes the way the body and brain develop. There are also many risks of having a Down...
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