Down East Spud Busters - Organizational Structure Email

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Down East Spud Busters – Strategic Plan Email
January 28, 2013
MGT 230

Dear Management:

Our company was founded with the hopes of one man’s dream. The original goal was to provide the local area with potato products that surpassed the value and brought joy to many families and local businesses. With the sudden growth and popularity of this product, we see that our company has a chance at major success, not only in the state, but in the country.

As our company was a concentration organization originally, we found ourselves asking, how much further could we take this business? Our first goal of building a manufacturing plant in northern Maine was a success far beyond what we expected. Now that we have launched the concentric diversification market strategy, we have realized the high demand for our product and we are ready to move to the second and third phase of our plans.

The second phase of our strategic plan involves adding a team for national sales and distribution. Each sales team member will first and foremost be chosen and hired based on their location, which will be our larger cities or where most of our competitors are housed. These team members will be representatives of particular territories and regions for the sales and distribution of our products. We would like to find seasoned sales people, who are able to work out of their own home offices and travel as necessary. By establishing the representatives this way, we keep down overhead costs of office buildings, supplies and other miscellaneous expenses that coexist with a tangible office location.

The goal of our sales team will be to oversee the entire process from sales to delivery of our product. They will need to meet certain quotas and will be rewarded for their achievements if they exceed these goals. Our team members must be able to work independently and without constant super vision in order to reach their sales goals. They will all report to the...

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