Dove: the Evolution of a Brand

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Dove: The Evolution of a Brand

1. What is a brand? Why does Unilever want fewer of them?

Brands, as defined by Silk are names or symbols that marketers have introduced to make product differentiation concrete. Branding is a process by which both a brand and brand identity are developed and established on a market, it involves selecting and blending tangible and intangible attributes to differentiate the product, service, company or brand in a meaningful and compelling way. Brand Equity is the value created by the brand, measured by how much more the consumers are willing to pay for a product of a particular brand compared to the same product of a generic brand. In February 2000, Unilever faced an important challenge. In the past years, it had grown globally with over 1,600 brands most of them managed locally. This decentralization had contributed to problems of control and loss of identity. Under the Masterbrand strategy, only 400 umbrella brands later called “Masterbrands“ would be pushed forward creating global vision among their diverse geographic markets. By cleaning their brand portfolio Unilever would be able to focus resources into building stronger brands.

2.What was Dove’s positioning in the 1950´s? What is its positioning in 1970?

Dove´s positioning in the 1950´s was merely based in functional attributes. Dove´s main claim in this decade was that it would not dry out your skin the way soap did because it was not technically soap at all. Its communication strategy, developed by Ogilvy And Mather supported this claim by portraying cream being poured into a tablet. This positioning changed very slightly in over 30 years, a few adjectives were added, the term “cleansing cream“ was replaced with “moisturizing cream“ but overall the benefit was still the same: Dove was not a soap and it would not dry your skin. After Dove became a Masterbrand in the year 2000, it was required that the brand concept could be extended beyond a beauty bar to...
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