Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty Case Study

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Executive Summary1
Problem Statement2
Situation Analysis: Objectives and Goals, Background, Market and External Environment Analysis2 Situation Analysis: Competition Analysis3
Situation Analysis: S.W.O.T. Analysis4
Situation Analysis: Segmentation Analysis5
Situation Analysis: Consumer Analysis6
Key Success Factors and Uncertainties6
Analysis of Alternative Solutions7
Action Plan and Contingency Plan10

Executive Summary

Kerstin Dunleavy needs to determine how to maintain the Dove brand’s momentum. The key objectives and goals of the Dove product line is to increase market share, develop a strong marketing campaign, retain functional strengths of the brand, maintain the image of the “Real Beauty” campaign, and staying ahead of competition. Due to the highly competitive industry, marketing communication is critical to ensure campaign momentum.

Kerstin must decide how to keep the drive of the initial campaign going. This will be achieved by introducing a new campaign. Through the use of internet, billboards, and media advertising, sincere communication will be achieved by the use of the concept copy thrust.

An analysis of how communication messages will reach target market, what the message should communicate, public relation tactics, and sales promotion will take place in order to ensure the objectives and goals of the second phase of the Dove campaign is successful.

Case Study: Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

Problem Statement:

Unilever’s Dove beauty product has proven successful of its relaunch and repositioning strategy. Despite this success, Kerstin Dunleavy needs to determine how to maintain the brand’s momentum while staying ahead of the competition and continuing to redefine beauty by maintaining a sense of integrity in society. Kerstin Dunleavy is required to use different advertising, publicity and sales promotion strategies in order to continue onto phase two of the Dove relaunch campaign.

Situation Analysis:

Objectives and Goals:
Initially, Unilever’s objectives and goals of rebranding Dove’s image were to increase market share, develop a strong marketing campaign and retain the functional strengths of the brand. Because of the success from the societal marketing techniques in Dove’s initial campaign, these objectives have expanded to include maintaining the image of “Real Beauty”, staying ahead of competition and improving communication about Dove’s products in order to increase the sincerity of their advertisements.

Background Analysis:
Unilever was one of the largest consumer products companies in the world. The company had modified its branding policies in recent years. These modifications have emphasized brand names and a new public image. Unilever have four product lines that are organized into Cooking and eating, Beauty and Style, Healthy Living and Around the House.

The Beauty and Style product line had developed Dove in the United States as a non-irritating skin cleaner. An independent study found Dove to be milder than 17 leading soaps and eventually they expanded its product line to included body wash, facial cleansers, moisturizers, deodorants and hair care products. Revenues from this product line reached $3 billion in 2005.

Market and External Environmental Analysis:
The beauty industry is highly competitive, with well-supported brands, big advertising budgets and a high degree of product similarity. Because of these factors, marketing and communications are crucial to Dove’s success.

The development of a strong ethical position has catapulted Dove into a socially sound campaign. In the beauty industry, there is a misconstrued social image of what beauty is all about. This image has had negative effects on women all over the world. Low self-esteem, narrow definition of beauty, and obesity has been the result of advertising campaigns by beauty product...

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