Douglas Mcarthur

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Douglas Macarthur

“I shall return” once said by United States 5 star general Douglas Macarthur, when he left the Philippines. Douglas MacArthur was one of the most respected U.S generals ever. Only a handful of people ever get promoted to a 5 star general. He graduated from West Point Academy with the highest academic award offered at the school. Also Douglas was awarded the Metal of Honor. It is the highest award the government offers. Childhood

Douglas MacArthur was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on January 26, 1880. His father’s name was Arthur Macarthur. Arthur MacArthur was Lieutenant General of the army. Arthur’s wife’s name was Mary Pinckney Hardy MacArthur, nicknamed “Pinky”. Douglas liked his father, he taught Douglas to shoot guns and ride horses. Pinky always kept a good eye on him and his brothers, so they would never get hurt. The youngest of the three brothers was Douglas. Malcolm was the middle brother. He died of measles, when Douglas was three years old. Arthur was the eldest of the three brothers; Arthur was born on August 1st 1876. Macarthur’s family moved to Texas, with his family so Douglas could go to West Point Military Academy. The first two years he went to West Point, the older classmen beat up on him. When he graduated from West Point, he got the highest academic award in his school. Formation

The start of his military career was slow. At first, he was an engineer officer for 10 years. Then he stopped being an engineer and became the General of Staff of the War Department for four years. Next came World War I, we started off being a major in the army. Then he became Chief of Staff for the 42nd division in the middle of World War I. He also was wounded twice in World War I. Douglas got many rewards for his bravery in the war. At the end of the war, he got promoted to Brigadier General. Between World War I and World War II, Douglas Macarthur was the superintendent of West Point Academy in Texas. Doug also was promoted to...
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