Douglas Hooks ENG 111

Topics: Frederick Douglass, Slavery in the United States, Abolitionism Pages: 3 (735 words) Published: November 13, 2014
Francia De Leon
ENG 111- N07
Discussion for Douglas and Hooks

The ENG 111 textbook says “ the key features of a literacy narrative include a well-told story, lots of detail, and a message, a reflection on the significance of the story.” In my opinion I believe that Bell Hooks creates a better literacy narrative. Bell Hooks experiences are more relatable to everyone whom as a child always wanted to include themselves in adult conversation. Not many people of our day can connect to being a slave like Frederick Douglas. When reading Bell Hooks narrative it’s easier to create an image in our heads of when we were all children. Personally I can strongly relate to Hooks and how she felt growing up. I still feel many parents don’t know how to receive their kids opinions. I believe it can also lead to adults that are afraid to express themselves because of what others might say about their opinion.

Both authors mention that at some point in their lives they felt writing or reading was a blessing and a curse for them. They meant that they knew that reading and writing would help them be something someday but before than they would receive much criticism and hurt before that time would come. They experienced times where what they fought for; their voice, their fight to learn to read and write, the punishments they received for expressing themselves with their spoken and written word, brought them persecution and opened their minds to things they didn’t know. Learning to read for Douglas made him realize how others really felt about slavery. Hooks realized that with expressing her writing that not everyone will listen or find it important. I believe that reading today can be slightly a curse for some because they can learn things that will hurt or offend them. We have freedom of speech and people can publish on any topic they want even if highly controversial.

The stories of Douglas and Hooks are similar because they both faced persecution and difficulties...
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