Double Standard

Topics: Woman, 20th century, Girl Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: July 19, 2002
The existence of a double standard for Women today is a main reason why women become extremely radical. Women that do not appreciate being stereotyped and discriminated against, protest in forms of rallying and with lawsuits against people or institutions of society. The areas of society that use or even enforce a double standard against women may consider women to be inferior to men. This idea of superiority is discrimination. Often the work place, sports, and within homes do we see this idea of a double standard for women. There has always been a double standard for women. The early twentieth century was tough for most women. They were expected to stay at home, take care of the children and cook meals for their husbands. Women were viewed as simple objects that belonged to men. It was common for women or even young girls to dress like boys, they would be raised under strict eyes and forced to learn how to cook and clean, just like their mothers did. The work force consisted mostly of men, workers and higher executive style positions. During the mid twentieth century a woman would earn about half of what men earned for the same exact job, and with the same qualifications. The reason behind this was that a woman, especially a married woman is likely to work less due to the risk of having a child. In the work place the pay for women and number of managerial jobs, doctors, and lawyers has increased, however, equal pay is still a goal. The "glass ceiling" effect is an idea that explains how women, and minorities see the he top positions but can never reach them. Some women entering a job were not just discriminated against through pay, but also with sexual harassment. Male employees would assume that a woman had got a job by sleeping with the boss, and also she is there to do womanly type jobs, such as, making coffee,or answering phones. This stereotype of women in the work force is diminishing as time passes, but still exists today. Sexual harassment is...

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