Double Jeopardy Summary

Topics: Tommy Lee Jones, United States Constitution, Double Jeopardy Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: May 1, 2005
In the movie, Double Jeopardy, Libby Parsons, played by Ashley Judd, and her husband Nick, Bruce Greenwood, go out on a weekend sailboat trip. During the night, Libby wakes up finding herself alone and covered in blood. As she gets up to search for her husband, all she finds is more blood all over the boat and a bloody knife on deck. As the investigation is underway, Libby is charged with her husband's murder. It is found that Nick and she had two million dollar life insurance policies. This is used as a motive and Libby is convicted of his murder. As Libby serves her time in prison, she entrusts her friend, Angela, Annabeth Gish, with her son. Over some time, Libby finds out through a phone call to Angela and Matty, Benjamin Weir, that Nick had staged his own death and was still alive. After serving six years in prison, she is released on parole. She violates her parole and through her own investigation finds out that Angela is dead and that her husband lives in New Orleans under a new identity. By skipping town, her correctional officer Travis Lehman, played by Tommy Lee Jones, is on her trail. He finds out what she is after and teams up with the local police to track her down. Once in New Orleans, Parsons finds the new Jonathan Deberaux and lets him know that she found him. She tells him that all she wants is her son and he agrees. He sets her up, however, at the cemetery by pretending that her son is there, but he knocks her out and puts her in a casket in a catacomb. Travis finds Libby after she escapes but instead of taking her in, he helps her to finish what she was there to do. He goes back to question Jonathan one last time about why Libby may want to find him, but instead tapes him when he says that he buried her and that there was nothing left to worry about. Libby comes into the room and demands her child again with a gun in her hand. Jonathan tries to get her to put it down by asking her if she wanted to serve time again. She tells...
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