Double Indemnity

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Double Indemnity
Double Indemnity, the movie and the book that describes how a perfect crime or what was thought of perfect went wrong. The author of Double Indemnity, James Cain shows and tells the audience a summary of what is going to happen in just the opening scene of the book and in the movie. The opening scene is significant because it reveals what is going to happen in the story.

The opening scene in the movie begins with a car speeding through a dark, wet Los Angeles intersection where a railway crew is working. Running a red light, the car swerves to avoid hitting a newspaper delivery truck before coming to a stop. Looking at this one step at a time, the car speeding makes gives the audience an impression of the driver, that he is reckless and has no control over the car. He then avoids hitting a railway crew who were working, which shows that the story will have to do something with the railroad. After that he ran a red light, which leads him to almost crash to a newspaper truck, which is news making events. The speeding is a metaphor for a lot of things and is shown in different ways. The first way is how Huff talks with Phyllis he tries to get into business right away but get distracted by Phyllis’s looks and what she was wearing. He then talks with Phyllis in a fast sexually way. The second way speeding is shown in the book and movie is when they killed Mr. Nirdlinger and went and pretended that he fell from the train while they were going back home.”…We came to a street. On Sunset she went through a light. ‘ Watch that stuff, can’t you, Phyllis?’… She hit a zone, and must have been doing seventy.” (D.I. pg 51) This also represents running the red light. This shows how the opening scene foreshadows the story.

Crossing the railway is a metaphor because Huff and Phyllis’s strategy from the beginning was to make the murder seem like an accident by Mr. Nirdlinger falling from the train. The railway also represents their downfall because...
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