Double Helix

Topics: DNA, Francis Crick, James D. Watson Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: February 23, 2014

Double Helix Report #3

Processes and Methods:

One of the processes and methods I found was when Watson said Franklins X-ray patterns are getting better and better. Watson described them as getting more beautiful. You could see it as someone cooking, they start to get better at it after practice. Another analogy could be playing the piano, in the beginning you are not very good and you do not know much, but later on after you practice you start to get better. As the X-ray patterns kept improving, it helped Watson and Crick create the first DNA model. It helped them because the details of the X-ray got better so Watson and Crick was able to examine the hard to see stuff with ease. Also through the X-ray patterns it showed that the structure of DNA was helical. Watson was the one to see it was helical. This showed the cooperation of scientists.

The other method I found was when Watson and Crick immediately knew that Paulings model was wrong and they did not tell Pauling. The problem Pauling had was that it was simply impossible because the hydrogen bonds that formed would have to attach to a phosphate group and they can not do that because the hydrogen atoms should have dissociated. In my opinion I thought it was really smart of Watson and Crick to not tell Pauling because that gave them much more time to make the first DNA model. When they found it was wrong, they knew they were right back in this race. This showed the competitive sides of the scientists. The fact that Watson and Crick did not tell Pauling just to discover it first is kind of selfish, but it was sort of a competition.

Character Sketch:

James Watson was a biologists. He is mostly known for discovering the structure of DNA with Francis Crick. Watson was awarded a Nobel prize in psychology. Watson occupation was at the University of Cambridge. There he met his friend and future collaborator Francis Crick. Watson was working at Harvard University from 1956 to 1976. In 1968...
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