Double Entry Journal Example
Topics: Marriage, Family / Pages: 5 (1202 words) / Published: Nov 26th, 2011

“Moushumi wonders how long she will live her life in trappings of student hood in spite of the fact that she is a married woman that she’s as far along in her studies as she is that Nikhil has a respectable if not terribly lucrative job. It would have been different with Graham-he’d made more than enough for both of them” (Lahiri 254) | One of the main themes in this story is pressure. Throughout the story Gogol feels pressured by his parents to follow the Bengali culture, to marry a Bengali girl, to eat Bengali food and to live the Bengali lifestyle. Myself being of the South Asian decent, I can relate to Gogol as well. My parents expect me to marry a Sri Lankan boy because they believe a Sri Lankan boy can make me happy. They also want to continue to pass down our culture to newer generations. This quote foreshadows the breakup that is going to happen between Gogol and Moushumi because you can tell Moushumi isn’t happy with the life she lives with Gogol. Gogol is pressured by his mother to ask out Moushumi a Bengali girl. They end up getting married but as they spend more and more days together through individuation Moushumi realises that she is not happy and this is because she was pressured into marrying a Bengali. She made herself believe her and Gogol had a lot in common and that they had a good time with each other, but deep down inside she only married him because it was what her parents wished for (her to marry a Bengali man). It develops the plot because as she begins to compare Gogol to Graham she realises she isn’t satisfied and starts to cheat on her husband. Bengali parents ideology is that culture guides you in life, it helps find your place. Throughout the story Moushumi puts on a persona of being a happy wife, who is loyal to her husband. But she is really sad about her relationship with Gogol and she transgresses by cheating on him with a former friend. Cheating on Gogol was a good move for Moushumi because this is what helps her realise that she

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