Dota Speech

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Hello and welcome to the Dota tutorial, this is Phillip and I am going to give you the basic tutorial of Dota. As you can see these buildings, these buildings contain heroes which you can choose from. You can choose a mode in the start of the game which allows you to choose what kind of game you want to play like easy mode, random hero mode and what heroes you can play and can’t play. These taverns are separated into specific attribute classes, which are strength, agility and intelligence. And this is where you begin, the starting area of your hero, this is your fountain, whenever you are damaged in game, you may come back here to heal health and mana. These are the NPC shops, which allow you to buy items to make your hero stronger. These items benefit you to increase your damage, health points, mana and defence. And these 6 shops, supply you with recipes, where you can combine your items to create stronger items. And up here, you have a secret shop; there are two of these on the map, one here and one here. You can buy items from this shop to create more powerful items. I will now talk about the hero, this is the attribute of the hero, and it is strength, agility or intelligence. Each strength point will increase your hp and health regeneration, each agility point will increase your amour and attack speed and for intelligence, it will increase your mana and mana regeneration. HP is how much damage you can take before it reaches 0 and resulting in death. Mana is used as a resource to cast magic spells. These are your hero’s spells, you have a total of 4 spells, 3 of them are your basic spells and the 4th is your ultimate spell. Each time you level, you will be able to get a new spell or upgrade your older spell to increase its effect. Your ultimate spell can only be upgraded every 6 levels and each spell has a max spell rank of 3. There is also another option of upgrade which is called an attribute bonus, this gives you +2 of everyone attribute. The...
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