Dota 2

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How to Play Dota 2
I. Intro
a. Entertainment is what we all have inside. Each individual has different preference of entertainment. We entertain ourselves in leisure time or even when we have a tight schedule. For me, I play games during my free time, and I have been playing a game since 2013. Today I will show you how to play an online Real-time Strategy computer game called DotA 2, stands for Defense of the Ancients 2. b. Dota 2 is a renowned game and it was released in July 9, 2013.The game is for anyone who seeks challenging gameplay experience, prefers raw textured graphic, and able to handle the high learning curves (or require a lot of effort to learn). II. Points

a. First, the basic preparation
i. A computer with mouse, keyboard, and / Also, speakers are optional ii. Stable internet
iii. Then you need to download program called Steam
iv. In Steam, you will be able to download and install DotA 2 Transition: Now after we have the basic set up, let’s go in the game b. Get start
i. You will be able to go in-game and select a character to control, the character is called hero with 4 abilities that are different from other heroes, and one primary attributes: either strength, or agility, or intelligence. ii. Teamworking with other 4 Teammates for 1 main objective is to destroy the Ancient, or the enemy’s main base iii. There are three paths called lanes, top, middle, and bottom, and a river. The 3 lanes lead to the 2 team’s base: The Dire (top right) or the Radiant (bottom left) iv. There are eleven towers for each team in this game, 9 protect the lanes and 2 protect the Ancient. Transition: As we got used to the basic of the game, we move in to the game mechanics. c. Third, Game mechanics

i. For beginner, you start with the recommended items, and get used to them, before you try advanced items. ii. When you go in lane, there are creeps spawn every 30 seconds, if a creep die nearby, you will gain experience, if you kill the creep, you will also...
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