Dostoevsky Essay

Topics: Crime and Punishment, Novel, The Flaws Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: February 4, 2015
His works are of some interest psychologically or otherwise but their artistic quality is low. some critics have seen Dostoevsky’s plots as chaotic and disorganized  others have found them “Gothic” (perverse passion, intrigue, murder, suicide)  and aimed at cheap effects;

Dostoevsky’s characters unnatural, schematic, and contrived. pessimism
Dostoevsky develops his psychological dramas in the abstract, without a natural background. Multitude of minor characters and subplots, inserted anecdotes, philosophic dialogues, the narrator’s essayistic and other digressions is hardly "well structured." The most damaging of the charges leveled at Dostoevsky's characters is that "they all talk alike" - like the author. Dostoevsky’s text creates a polyphonic concert of living voices, one of which is the narrator's, rather than a homophonic narrative dominated by the narrator's voice. The charges of outright distortion of reality relate mainly to Dostoevsky's understanding of the mood and moral attitude of the young generation of the Russian intelligentsia. These charges were - and still are - politically motivated. (37) Significantly, Dostoevsky’s image of the simple Russian people is not challenged. Dostoevsky’s morbidly self-conscious and self-lacerating characters were unrepresentative of the actual condition of Russian society, but were, rather, projections of Dostoevsky's own diseased mind. 

1) Introduction
2) 1st flaw - Pessimistic tone
a) general critiques - 
b) specific critiques -
3) 2nd flaw – Characters’ disappointing ideologies of life
a) general -
b) specific -  
4) 3rd flaw - Writing style is chaotic and disorganized (TERS);
a) general
b) specific
5) Coclusion 

1) Dostoevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment is seen as a success in the world of literature not only by showing the ideology of youth in the Westernized part of Russia but also by developing its psychological dramas in the abstract, without a natural background, which are...
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