Dose Animal Farm Will Different When Change Napoleon to Snowball

Topics: Leon Trotsky, Animal Farm, Soviet Union Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Power can change a kind personal to selfish person or make a person who is full of conceit become arrogant and greedy. In the animal farm, Napoleon is kind of a person, who is conceited and become greedy when he get all the political power. There is no alive democratic in the farm. But, when we change the chief of the Animal Farm, changing the Napoleon to Snowball, the animalism in the farm will revive. This short easy will analyze why Animal Farm will become better when Snowball has power.

In the book, Napoleon is symbol of the dictatorship and Snowball is the symbol of the democratic. Cancel the animal assembly, build a cabinet, change the rule and build an arm to control the animal is what Napoleon did. But Snowball as a clever leader, he focus on the constructive work in the animal farm, building a windmill and set up a democratic policy which is every decision need discuss among the animal. Furthermore, snowball is quicker in speech and more inventive than Napoleon. He is the one who organizes the animals into various committees: the Egg Production Committee for hens, the Clean Tails League for the cows and erc. Snowball also has the wisdom in the battle and has prestige among the animal, success organizing animal to against Mr. Jon and his man. Although Snowball and Napoleon both agree they should drink milk and eat apple and both want to set up an arm, but Snowball not thought everything should be done for himself. When the animal farm has the problems, he tries to solve it and set up an education institution for animals. Moreover, combining with the history, Snowball represents figure of Leon Trotsky who draft the Soviet Union’s economic construction plan. Thus, if Snowball has a power, the society of animal farm would become flourishing.
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