Dos and Don'ts in an Office Setting

Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: February 27, 2013
What are the dos and don’ts in an office setting?
Things you must do
Pay attention to your appearance 
When it comes to business, you're a reflection of your company. That is why you should dress appropriately. Keep your desk well-arranged.
Your desk or cubicle should be an extension of yourself. Business associates will not regard you in a favorable light due to the untidiness of your workspace Be on time
It is never a good idea to arrive late for a business meeting. Someone has taken time out of his or her busy schedule to meet with you; the least you can do is show up on time. Greet People
When meeting people for the first time, it's good practice to use eye contact and a firm handshake and tell the other person how nice it is to meet him or her. Pay attention
It's very bad form to be caught with your mind wandering or to have no clue as to what actually took place. Be a good listener and take notes. Don't interrupt unless you absolutely have to. Observe proper telephone etiquette

Coworkers also have issues with those who spend most of their time on personal phone calls. Its good business to keep personal phone calls to a minimum and to keep cell phones turned off during business hours. Respect the privacy of those around you.

Don't read memos or faxes on other people's desks and don't make comments about overheard phone calls. Respect all your coworkers
Be respectful to all, no matter what their title.
Return messages, emails, and letters.
It wastes less time for all involved to make a short phone call to say "no thank you" than to keep avoiding a person's call.

Things you must not do
Don’t hold meetings in your (or anyone else’s) workspace.If you’ve got time to schedule the meeting, plan to hold it in an appropriate setting. Don’t talk/yell past your immediate officemate.You have to raise your voice to talk to someone workspaces away and you know your officemate and anyone else within earshot isn’t going to...
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