Dorothy Wordsworth

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, British Empire Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Dorothy Wordsworth
The Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade

From The Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade I picked two writings. The two writings that I chose were “The Negro’s Complaint” and “The Sorrows of Yamba”. I chose these two because they seemed interesting. Both writings seem to focus on slaves wanting to be free. Free from being held captive by another individual. In the writing “Sorrows of Yamba” stanza one it says “In St. Lucie’s distant isle. Still with Africa’s love I burn; Parted many a thousand mile, never, never to return.” Here this woman knows that she is being taken away and she will never come back. She would rather die than to sit and be treated the way she is being treated. Stanza 2 she talks about being able to get rest. She’s tired of being beat and crying from a broken heart. She is longing for peace and freedom. In “The Negro’s Complaint” the writer talks about men being sold into slavery. In stanza 2 he states “Still in thought as free as ever, He thinks of freedom and wishes that it would come true. He states that he doesn’t see any difference in color and how they sweet doing work for their master. Both poems talk about working for their masters and the brutality that they faced. Poem one was about a woman describing her pains as a slave and the other poem talks about men. “In The Sorrows of Yamba” I believe the lady had a child and the child died. It seemed as if the mother didn’t mind her child dying, because she didn’t want her child bought into slavery. From all the work that this woman did she became ill as well. The men in “The Negro’s Complaint” complained and still worked to the point where they would shed blood. Both poems speak on many different things but both focus on the hardships of being a slave. Everyone wants to be free and not controlled by another individual.
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