Dorothy Day: A Modern Day Prophet

Topics: Prophet, Peter Maurin, Catholic Worker Movement Pages: 7 (1671 words) Published: November 27, 2015

It's very simple in today's society to stray from the teachings of God, with many external influences around us. So, how are we able to get closer to God, and each other ? The answer to this question is a prophet. A prophet was a person who God chose to spread his messages and warnings to the people. This may seem like an old term ,but there have actually been many modern day prophets who lived in our times! An amazing example of a modern day prophet is Dorothy Day, who was a journalist, author, Catholic convert and a social activist, whose goal was to promote non-violence (also known as pacifism), and help society become united as a community. Dorothy has acted much like the biblical prophets, from she changed her way of life, to how...

She proved this by changing her life in order to make an impact on the world, aiding the poor people and underprivileged , and even communicating God's true messages to the world, through many different means. These were only a few of the ways that she was alike biblical prophets, who criticized people for going against God ( much like how Dorothy stood up to the Catholic church), and brought society back to having good relations with each other. Someone with opposing views may say that Day was too radical and broke the law in order to get her points across, but in reality, the prophets were not superior to anyone! Many people actually believed that she should have been a saint but even Day herself said "Don't call me a saint. I don't want to be dismissed so easily". Dorothy Day remained humble, yet courageous . Wasn't it God's plan for the human race to live in harmony? That is exactly what Day stood for! So, the next time one goes into a church , see a homeless person on the streets, see war in the news, just remember Dorothy Day, and her absolute selflessness, pacifism and contributions to society, and act according to what one truly believes, like the biblical prophets did, like Dorothy day did! That is the only way to bring people back to each other and change the...
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