Dorm Life Proposal

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Dorm Life at its Best
The perception people have of dorms in general is definitely not what dorms are really like. Here at Valdosta State, dorm life would be more compared to life in jail. The living environment isn't the greatest in dorms. Living on campus in a dorm is supposed to be homey, like your home away from home, but that is not the case. Dorm rooms are very small, and it's hard living with someone else in such a small spaces. Along with being confined to a small place, there is no privacy. Many people have problems with roommates, and being in a 10 x 10 room with a person you hate is not a very ideal situation. Because of all of this I have come up with a proposal to change dorms as we know them to something completely different and a lot more enjoyable to the future college students here at VSU. I want to propose dorm renovations and how roommates are selected.

The dorms that we live in now are far from the best. We live in a 10 x 10 box; well that's how it seems anyway. Our dorms have 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 closets, and a sink. We got lucky with the sink, but that doesn't make living in our hall any better than anywhere else. In the little rooms we also have to fit our TV, refrigerator and a microwave. With everything in place there is just enough room to walk around. One thing that causes problems in storage, storage in the dorms is very limited. We have an adjustable thermostat so we can control our own room temperature, but it often breaks and air conditioning goes out; that's no fun. We don't have bathrooms and not having a bathroom in our rooms is a pain in the butt. Why would anyone want to walk down the hallway at 2am just to go to the bathroom? The bathrooms in the dorms we have now are very unsanitary and disgusting too. I think bathrooms should be in all the rooms, just for convenience. All of the doors in our rooms have key locks and they do not lock behind you. Some people forget to lock the door and that often leads to serious...
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