Dorm Life

Topics: University, Student, Rooms Pages: 3 (1112 words) Published: June 28, 2010
Dorm Life

College is the one place where students can escape from home and enjoy a little freedom. That’s one of the many reasons most students consider on campus living. On campus living provides students a chance to become familiar with the facilities on campus and meet many new friends. For students attending colleges out of their home state or town the campus living environment is the only place that they can make themselves comfortable and find peers to make them feel at home. Here on campus at the University of Houston students under the age of 21 or without 60 hours of completed coursework are ineligible to receive a single room in the on campus dormitories. Because this policy is in effect it forbids legal 18 year old students from being able to have their own personal space if they wanted to. Not all people enjoy having to change their clothes in the bathroom every time they dress and undress, or having to watch television on the same channel as a roommate due to their only being one cable outlet in a room. Furthermore, a set of roommates may have totally different scheduling. For example: My roommate have early morning classes, as early as seven a.m., I have evening classes which means when she’s awake and I’m still sleeping, she is totally disturbing my sleep. My roommate has to awake and find clothing that she is going to wear for that day, iron her clothes, pull out the dresser drawers to get a toothbrush and hair comb, all of the commotion and noise funneling around in the room is guaranteed to disturb my sleep. I may have only had a few hours to sleep due having study all night for an exam I could have in the next few hours. This could cause me not to be able to function properly on exam day from a lack of sleep due to being awakened by my roommate. This situation could also be reversed. My roommate feels uncomfortable having to whisper on the phone if she have to make a phone call, or tip toe around the room trying not to wake...
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