Dora Nelson Museum project

Topics: African American, Barack Obama, American Civil War Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: February 25, 2015
Ashley Walker

The Dora Nelson African American Museum

The museum I choose to go to was the Dora Nelson African American Museum. Dora Nelson was born a slave and was a part of the first black family in Perris, Ca. Perris had no black church. Blacks could attend Congregational Church, but not join. Dora held prayer meetings in her home at F and 7th St. She also organized the first black Baptist church and held prayer meetings in her backyard under a tree Perris, Ca. Dora Nelson African American Art & History Museum (DNAAAHM) exists to collect, preserve and make available, for review and study for present and future generations, artifacts, art printed material, records which document the history of the African American presence and contribution in the Perris Valley.

How this museum came about all began with one woman named Alberta Mabel Kearney who first opened the doors of the museum to public in 1995. The house, located 316 E. 7th Perris, Ca, was set to be demolished. Kearney was so fascinated by the doors of the house, she offered them 25 dollars to tear the house down for her. As a family, Alberta, her husband Charles and their eleven children tore down the house together. Not knowing the history behind the house she just destroyed, Alberta was upset to learn that it was the first black Church in the City of Perris. So she took it upon herself to make it her mission to learn everything she could and preserve the information that she obtained. Learned of Dora Nelson’s impact and significance of the church, she decided to name the museum after her in her honor.

The reason why choose to go to the Dora Nelson African American museum in particular was because I had not yet been to an African American museum before. I wanted to go with an open mind, ready to soak in and learn as much about black history as I possibly could....
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