Doping in Sport and the AFL Policy on Drugs

Topics: Drug addiction, Drugs in sport, 2000 Summer Olympics Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: September 19, 2010
Drugs in sport
What is it?
Drug’s in sport or doping is when an athlete takes performance enhancing drugs or any banned substance. The sports that have the most trouble with drugs are Weightlifting, cycling, badminton, boxing, track and field. These athletes take drugs so they can be the best in there sport. One of the most recent cases was American sprinter Marion Jones who won five gold medals in the 2000 Olympics at Sydney, since then she has been stripped of all her medals after admitting that she took performance enhancing drugs in 2007. She had lied in front of two judges saying that she never had taken steroids. Another case was Australian Cricket hero Shane Warne who was banned for a year after taking diuretics. Another one was former West Coast Eagle champion, brownlow medallist, and premiership player Ben cousins who was banned from playing football for taking cocaine and other banned substance. What is a drug?

A drug is a substance (other than food) that when taken into the body, produces a change in it. If this change helps the body it is referred to as a medicine. If this change harms the body, it is referred to as a poison. I think drugs in sport is terrible because these are highly paid professionals who are role models to so many kids and they are taking drugs to make them better at there chosen sport. These athletes are respected by there country and in my opinioni should never be allowed to compete in there sport again. Some reasons an athlete might use drugs are the effects of the drug, physical dependence, easily available or they might be dissatisfied with there performance or progress, the environment, pressure to win from coach, parent, media, public, financial reward, unrealistic qualifying standards or performance expectation. This is a list of some prohibited substances and doping methods: ➢ Stimulants

➢ Anabolic agent
➢ Non-steroidal
➢ Diuretic
Many different sports have different policies on drugs. The AFL...
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