Topics: Drugs in sport, Performance-enhancing drugs, Professional sports Pages: 3 (1273 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Blood Doping
Although “doping” is the illegal use of drugs by athletes to enhance performance as well as training or participating in a sporting event, most athletes are also relatively unlikely to ever undergo testing. The first drug to be used was heroin and morphine. Heron was mainly found in horse racing circles, while morphine was the thing to do which was so-called endurance in sports. Using drugs to cheat in sports is not new but is becoming more effective. Even if performance-enhancing drugs were to be legalized in a competitive sport, there would most likely be a specific portion of doping activity that would remain prohibited. The world of sport has become more complicated, particularly in respect to doping. In the Article “How sports would be better with doping,” by Ian Steadman analyzes how the battle to control drug use never, ever seems to end. Doping is, after all, considered the ultimate sin of professional athletes. While on the article “Professional Sport Leagues should Adopt Olympics-Styles Anti- Doping Policies” by Dick Pound claims that steroid use is a problem that affects a number of sports at professional and amateur level. In Austin Texas an Associated Press makes an article about “Lance Armstrong must give answers” and report how a judge is pushing Armstrong close to his first sworn testimony oh his performance enhancing drug use, in lawsuit to recover $3 million in bonuses paid Armstrong from 1999-2001. And although these two articles both support their arguments quite well, they also both miss information to make their arguments more clearer. Steadman in his article argues that the seven-time winner Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his famous victories, which he claims he used performance-enhancing drugs. Why shouldn’t he be punished? After all doping is considered the ultimate sin of professional athletes. To support this the author tells us as training, coaching, nutrient and equipment has been perfected, the best times of the...
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