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Topics: World War I, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, World War II Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: November 1, 2014
In 1914 on June 28 the best est war in man kind broke out was knows has War World 1.No

one really know what was the causes of war. My beliefs that cause the war was the assassination

of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife ( Austria-Hungry president ). That maybe the alliance,

militarism, and nationalism the three underlying cause of world war 1. With these three

aforementioned item it made the war world 1 a blood thirstiest, and pain hungry wars of all times.

Alliance was an important part of the war. It made sure of the country can protect them in the

battle field. In document 3 it shows you who was in an alliance and how it benefited them in

combat. With out being in an alliance you basically have a sign on your country saying " come and

attract ". By look at the document you can tell war will happen invention. It didn't help when the

peace of Europe was gone. Alliance stuck together when their country was blamed. Just by

looking at document 4. Without have any knowledge of the situation finger was point at Germany by

the triple entente and begum. Not just Germany was blamed, Austria blamed Era for the

assassination. The U.S didn't blamed no but Europe itself. As for Italy being in the triple alliance

Italy didn't blame know one. They just watching the argument or desiring are they in the right

alliance. This cause more tension between the alliances. Thesis to documents show how alliance

play a part in building World War 1.

What is an war without a strong military ? Militarism was the main picture of War World 1.

Also in

document 7 you can tell the differences spending habit they had for war in 1890 to 1914.1890 triple

alliance around 94 million pounds on navy and army and the triple entente spend around 165

million pounds on its navy and army.1914 when Wold War 1 was going to start the triple alliance

spend temperament of 313 million pounds for the defenestration but the...
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